Twenty plus hours of non-stop fun for dads and kids between the ages of 3 and 12 which provide an environment for encouraging fathers to walk with their sons & daughters.
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Crossing the threshold into manhood is an inevitable process & experience. You can choose to welcome your son into manhood or you can let the world do it for you. We have embraced a program that is helpful, relevant, fun and highly effective.
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An environment of fun containing an element of focus that highlights leadership training or a specific life quality.
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We believe in the power of connecting people with people and encouraging real life relationships. WYL Life Groups meet together once a year for 24 hours. This day together is filled with exercises that are intimate, inspiring and encouraging as the men speak into each other's life.
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Donations can be made for program scholarships or to the What's Your Legacy mission.


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Our Mission

Mission: Come alongside men, women and children to encourage and empower them to live a life of eternal significance & legacy....
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Legacy Crossing

When the Baab family moved out to the country in 1992 the ages of their six children ranged from one to...
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